Situated in Belur Industrial Area, Dharwad, the Factory covers an area of 1,00,000 Sq. Ft. and an Built up Area of 30,000 Sq. Ft.

Specialized in Manufacturing solid Wooden Panel Doors & Windows, Wooden Furniture, Wooden Flooring & Wall paneling. The Company has Developed Technology, with latest German and Italian Machinery supported by Advanced Kiln Drying Seasoning System and Treatment Plant.

Abhinav Wood Industries holds an Experience of more than 25 Years. The Company has earned a good Name in the Market for its proper Customer Service & Satisfaction All the Credit goes to the beloved Customers who have associated with the Company to reach the Goal by their precious Feedbacks and Encouragement.

Our Quality Standards

Good Quality Wood is properly sorted out, before Manufacturing.
Wood is treated to fight against termite attacks.

Wood is seasoned artificially in steam drying clans with the help of latest Technology.

The Doors & Windows are machine Manufactured by advanced Machinery.

Since the products are machine Manufactured, the delivery is done on time, hence the Customer saves is precious Time and Energy.

Joinery and Dimension accuracy of products is up to the Mark.

The Doors & Windows are machine finished, thus giving a very good finish. The polishes are fully Water resistant hence increasing the life the product.

There is a wide range of products for customer to select, suiting once budget.

Service is given in case of any defect in the Product at the Company cost, making the Customer risk free.

Wooden Doors:

Expressing the warmth of Indian homes our wide range of classic solid wooden doors are made using superior quality 100% seasoned wood that assures durability. These are 100% Solid Wood Doors and ensure there is no movement or warping problems. We can supply all interior solid wooden doors, solid wooden Main doors, solid wooden pannel doors, solid wooden Pooja doors, etc. pre-hung in their frames for easy installation. The solid wooden doors are available at highly cost effective prices and can be procured in metric sizes as well.

uPVC window and doors :

These types of window frames give you additional security and also protect the environment due to their energy-efcient quality. They also have added features such as thermal insulation, aesthetic appeal, eco-friendly, acoustic insulation and require low maintenance.

Laminated Doors :

This is HPL (high pressure laminate) pasted door on